Communications, Public Relations & Website

Alex Giraldo & Neil Levy – Co-Chairs, Eileen Black, Ron Brunell, Chris Wukovits, Jeanne Abatelli


James Bastian, Ron Brunell, Frank Elorza


Peter Phillips & Eileen Black  Co-Chairs, Elisa  Grober, Pat Calvert

IIABNY Liaison & Member Services

Alex Giraldo – Chair, Frank  Elorza, Adam Erickson, Kevin Crossley, Pat Calvert

Legislation and InsurPac

Peter  Phillips & James Bastian – Co-Chairs, Neil Levy, Frank Elorza, Steve Folan

Meetings & Programs

Adam Erickson & Andrew Chong  – Co- Chairs, Dean Aloia, Alex Giraldo, Chris Wukovits, Jeanne Abatelli, Pat Calvert

Installation Dinner

Adam Erickson, Peter Phillips, Jeanne Abatelli, Pat Calvert

Next Gen

Adam Erickson – Chair, Andrew Chong, Elisa Grober

Sponsors & Advertising 

Jeanne Abatelli  & James Bastian – Co-Chairs

Tri Lines

Jeanne Abatelli  – Editor and Co- Chair, Frank Elorza – Co-Chair , Pat Calvert

Tri-County members are invited to join a committee of their choice. Please contact a committee member or Pat Calvert 516-621-2209 for details.