Fundraiser to support Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie

On Wednesday, November 20, Andrew Chong and I met up with Scott Hobson, Big I NY’s Director of Government Relations in Manhattan at a fundraiser to support Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie.  The event was sponsored by Bolton-St. Johns, Big I NY’s Government Relations Firm at Serafina Tribeca on Wednesday Nov. 20th.   Discussions of the specific topics we have talked about in the past and that are highlighted in Big I’s position paper (on our website), were not discussed, but the support and relationship building is necessary as we gear up for “L” day on March 3 at the Capital in Albany and to further…

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New State Law Aims To Protect Domestic Violence Victims in Workplace

​ Victims of domestic violence will have new protections against discrimination in the workplace under a New York State law​ taking effect November 18. The measure, which the State Legislature approved in May and Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed in August, places new restrictions on how employers may treat victims. The new law prohibits employers and licensing agencies  from: Refusing to hire or employ, or firing an individual because of her status as a domestic violence victim Discriminating against that individual in compensation or in terms, conditions or privileges of employment Printing or circulating statements, advertisements or publications; using employment applications; or making inquiries about prospective…

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Several Personal Umbrella Carriers to Implement Major Changes

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​Recent announcements from several personal umbrella carriers outline major changes in coverage that will leave agents scrambling to find a new market for their clients.  For example, one major standalone umbrella carrier will begin requiring underlying auto liability limits of at least $1 million in some states and $500,000 in all others. That carrier will also require $1-million underlying uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage limits when excess UM/UIM  is purchased.  Other carriers, meanwhile, have announced that they will be non-renewing all their personal umbrellas nationwide. IAAC has personal umbrella markets to assist agents if they are dealing with carrier shifting underwriting guidelines.​  Click here to get started​ Source

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