Big I NY Agents Call on Governor Cuomo to Sign Regulatory Relief Bills

​This week,  Big I NY launched an email campaign​ calling on agents to tell Governor Cuomo to sign two key regulatory relief bills.  A.7540-B/S.5815-C would provide a cure period for small businesses to correct the first-time violation, rather than be required to pay a substantial fine, while also continuing to protect the public. First-time violations would not be forgiven for regulatory offenses that harm public safety, health, or the environment, violate human or civil rights laws, violate penal law, or result in loss of employee wages or benefits.  A.842/S.5812​ would require state agencies to consider how proposed rules would affect small businesses, including the minimum time needed…

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Legislation Matters

Legislation Matters Evan Portnoy, Big I TriCounty’s Legislative Chair and I met with Senator Todd Kaminsky’s Chief of Staff, Aaron Miller, on Monday October 28, to discuss issues crucial to our members.  As independent agents, legislative actions are vitally important to our businesses and to our insureds. Not only has local legislation been a focus of Big I TriCounty, but Big I New York has made it one of its three strategic goals and is asking for a large grassroots effort.   TriCounty will set up several meetings with our local leaders this term to discuss the issues highlighted in Big I’s Legislative Position Paper…

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Linda Lacewell Confirmed as DFS Superintendent

Acting DFS Superintendent Linda Lacewell was confirmed by the NY Senate last evening.​ Lacewell formerly served as  Chief of Staff to Governor Cuomo, responsible for overseeing executive chamber operations. She also served as special counsel to Andrew Cuomo during his tensure as New York Attorney General, overseing investigations into public pension fund corruption and out-of-network health insurance. She has indicated she intends to make consumer protection a top priority, and has stated that cybersecurity is one of the most pressing issues facing the financial services industry.  Source

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