Linda Lacewell Confirmed as DFS Superintendent

Acting DFS Superintendent Linda Lacewell was confirmed by the NY Senate last evening.​ Lacewell formerly served as  Chief of Staff to Governor Cuomo, responsible for overseeing executive chamber operations. She also served as special counsel to Andrew Cuomo during his tensure as New York Attorney General, overseing investigations into public pension fund corruption and out-of-network health insurance. She has indicated she intends to make consumer protection a top priority, and has stated that cybersecurity is one of the most pressing issues facing the financial services industry.  Source

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Recap of Albany Advocacy Day – 2019

On Tuesday, March 5, a team of 10 from the Big-I Tri-County headed up to Albany to discuss pressing issues in the insurance field with several lawmakers in our districts.   We discussed topics including  - The single payer health system proposal in NYS;  Amendments to the Workplace Safety & Loss Prevention Program; Removing the 30-day notice requirement for policyholder withdrawal from NYSIF;  WC policies;  Repealing the anti-arson law and Section 3411 of the Insurance Law regarding auto photo inspections.   We received a lot of great feedback from Senate and Assembly members and their staffers and the exchanges were very informative. Overall, the day…

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“L Day” 2018

At Work in Albany “L Day” 2018 By Chris Wukovits, TriCounty Director On Tuesday, March 6th, 2018, local Big I New York association delegations from all over New York State descended on Albany to meet with local legislators to advance the business of insurance and voice our support for some legislation, our concern and objection to others both “old” and “new”.“L Day” had been on a 4-year hiatus and thankfully it was revived for 2018 by the Big I New York. They provided support to all the local association such as TriCounty Independence Agents and Brokers with specific information regarding making appointments with both Senate…

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