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Winter Cheer 2019

Wow!! – What a great time everyone had at TRI-COUNTY’s “Winter Cheer” event held on Feb. 11th at K-Pacho in New Hyde Park.

Tasty hors d’oeuvres and plenty of drinks were enjoyed by all at the Cocktail Hour, while listening to live music and being entertained by Strolling Magicians performing Jaw-Dropping close-up magic.

Kingstone Insurance Company, our honoree, was then recognized as the “Insurance Company of the Year”, and the accompanying award was presented to them.

A wide ranging delicious Dinner Buffet was served, followed by a fun filled Stage Show of Magic and Mentalism, and more superb live music.

Networking was happening throughout the evening in this warm and relaxed atmosphere between fellow agents, Insurance companies, vendors, and sponsors; both solidifying existing relationships and forming new ones. All this taking place during our thoroughly entertaining and enjoyable TRI-COUNTY “Winter Cheer” event.