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Legislation Matters

Legislation Matters

Evan Portnoy, Big I TriCounty’s Legislative Chair and I met with Senator Todd Kaminsky’s Chief of Staff, Aaron Miller, on Monday October 28, to discuss issues crucial to our members.  As independent agents, legislative actions are vitally important to our businesses and to our insureds. Not only has local legislation been a focus of Big I TriCounty, but Big I New York has made it one of its three strategic goals and is asking for a large grassroots effort.  

TriCounty will set up several meetings with our local leaders this term to discuss the issues highlighted in Big I’s Legislative Position Paper primarily on the following issues:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Photo Inspection
  • Lead Paint Exclusions
  • Single Payer Healthcare

In addition, we are focused on an anti “bait and switch” bill which targets many direct writers who quote prices, then run MVR’s, and increase pricing at that time.  This is in stark contrast to what we do as independent agents and puts us at an unfair disadvantage. 

Senator Todd Kaminsky has more than 200 Big I TriCounty members in his district and sits on several committees that relate to insurance.  In addition to asking for his support (or opposition) on specific bills, we offered to become a resource for him and his office in the future. 

I invite you to accompany us on upcoming appointments with legislators, especially those representing your district. We have the expertise and talking points if members will help support our efforts by joining us. These meetings are interesting and informative.  Our next meeting is with Senator James Gaughran of Syosset on Thursday Oct. 31. 

Please let me know if you are interested in being involved with our legislative endeavors  in the future…..Thank you.

Neil Levy,

President, Big I TriCounty