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Meeting with Speaker Heasties

On Wednesday, November 20, Andrew Chong and I met up with Scott Hobson, Big I NY’s Director of Government Relations in Manhattan at a fundraiser to support Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie.  The event was sponsored by Bolton-St. Johns, Big I NY’s Government Relations Firm at Serafina Tribeca on Wednesday Nov. 20th.  

Discussions of the specific topics we have talked about in the past and that are highlighted in Big I’s position paper (on our website), were not discussed, but the support and relationship building is necessary as we gear up for “L” day on March 3 at the Capital in Albany and to further promote Big I’s legislative objectives.  

We welcome members to get involved in our legislative efforts with Big I NY.  Please feel free to contact me at 631-901-2562 or 

Neil Levy, President

Big I TriCounty