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Advocacy Week in Albany

Our usual annual trip to Albany for Advocacy ‘’Day’ had a different format this year. Instead of driving to and from the capital in one day, we were part of a series of well-planned virtual meetings with our representatives throughout the week of February 22nd 

I found this arrangement to be even more effective in educating our legislators about insurance matters and other issues that we, as agents and brokers, face regularly. Perhaps, more importantly, we discussed the effects these issues have on our clients and legislator’s constituents.    

Big I NY has had numerous “wins” in the past year, illustrating how effective Advocacy Week is. These included defeating significant increases in the DFS’s authority and higher minimum insurance law fines, successfully advocating for the elimination of in-person CE monitoring, eliminating burdensome paper mail notification requirements included in the emergency insurance regulation, and blocking state and federal retroactive business interruption coverage mandates. 

This year the theme was “Making The Process Better For Our Clients”, which included the repeal of Anti-Arson legislation, the photo-inspections regulation, and the modernization of excess lines placement, as well as cracking down on no-fault insurance fraud, all of which fall under “common-sense” reforms.  

There were several members of Big I TriCounty participating in these calls and I urge all members to get involved with this important aspect of our business.  Big I New York does most of the “heavy lifting” and your expertise and experience would be a well-received addition.  Even your presence as an “active observer” adds tremendous value.  

Please feel free to call me at 631-844-5232 with questions or comments.

Neil Levy, CPA, CFP

President, Big I TriCounty

In addition!  

Big I Leads the Way’ with a virtual National Legislative Conference on April 13 – 16, 2021. You are invited to register for this important once-a-year event from the comfort of your office or home.


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