On Our Mind: We’ve Got Your Back

​By Sue Keegan​, AIC, MBA, Learning & Development CoordinatorWell, my husband’s wearing scrubs now and he’s a teacher so welcome to back to school at the Keegan household.  When I check pockets before laundry I find face masks and plastic gloves.  I end my emails with some variation of stay healthy, stay safe.  In some way or another we are all at our breaking point.  Don’t let your need for continuing education add to that.  We’ve got your back on this one.  Check out our new 15inONE Program – it’s good for all licenses (except TLA) and is a quick and easy way to get…

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On Our Mind…15inONE CE!

By Sue Keegan, AIC, MBA, Learning & Development CoordinatorThere are not too many things better than working from home in your shorts and tee-shirt.  One that comes to mind, though, is getting 15 CE credits while at home and in your shorts and tee-shirt.  I am so proud and excited to tell you about our new 15inONE CE Program!  The creation of this program was my first chance at Big I to see something from start to finish, and it's been amazing.   I had no idea how many people, how many ideas, how many hours, and how many meetings it takes to successfully launch a program.  Our…

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NY State Insurance Fund Offers PPE Credit

​The New York State Insurance Fund is offering its Workers' Compensation insurance policyholders a credit to offset the cost of purchasing personal protective equipment (PPE) for use during the COVID-19 pandemic. You may hear about this program from your clients soon.The program offers employers a credit of 5% of their annual premium or $500, whichever is less. The credit is for the purchase of eligible items such as:MasksGogglesGlovesGownsHand sanitizerOther COVID-19 safety related itemsEmployers can apply for the credit now on the Fund's website​. Source

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