​News from NYS DFS Regarding CE, License Renewals and Exams

The NYS DFS is ​temporarily allowing self-monitoring of exams (waiving the requirement to have a monitor present).​​ An increased number of online CE courses are available, and the monitoring requirement is temporarily waived. The NYS DFS is allowing agents and brokers in danger of having their license expire, to renew without having the required CE in place.​ Today, Big I NY received the following communication: “In response to the current public health threat the Covid-19 virus presents to the general public, New York State Department of Financial Services Licensing Services is implementing temporary emergency procedures in regards to insurance continuing education testing and license renewal. Effective immediately the requirement to have an approved…

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Some Considerations for Laying Off Employees

Given the turbulent and uncertain circumstances surrounding the impacts of the coronavirus and stay-at-home orders, many companies are making hard decisions about laying off their employees.  Here are a few thoughts to consider. "Furlough" vs. "Layoff": Furlough is usually temporary while a layoff may be temporary or permanent. There is usually no legal commitment to rehire an employee unless required by a collective bargaining agreement or employment contract or possibly if you fall under the WARN Act.  It is important not to create a promise or a legal obligation to rehire and explicitly state that nothing affects their rights under employment at will. Hiring back employees…

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How to Surrender Plates while the DMV is Closed

We reached out for clarification on this common question and learned registrants should continue to mail registration plates to the DMV. NY DMV’s Central Office has not closed. They continue to receive and process mail.  The DMV uses the postmark date on the envelope as the date of surrender; this date will be reflected on the FS-6T Receipt. More information: https://dmv.ny.gov/registration/how-surrender-return-or-turn-your-plates-dmv​ ​Have a question you need help with? Post it in the Community​! Source

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