State Fund Announces Relief For Restaurants

​The New York State Insurance Fund (NYSIF) has announced measures to help the restaurants it insures cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. Restaurants have been among the businesses hardest hit by the crisis, as their businesses were slowing even before the New York State government ordered them to close. In a notice to its restaurant policyholders, New York's largest provider of Workers' Compensation insurance said it is suspending cancellations, late fees, interest and installment fees on their policies. NYSIF also invited these employers to contact their policy representatives or safety group managers to have their estimated payrolls reduced. Reductions in estimated payrolls typically generate reduced estimated…

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Understanding New York’s New Paid Sick Time Law

On March 18th, Governor Cuomo signed a bill intended to address employee sick leave, both in connection with the COVID-19 outbreak, and more generally. The bill took effect immediately. SUMMARY OF BENEFITS Employer Size Covid-19 Benefits (Effective Immediately) Sick Leave Benefits (Effective 9/14/20) 4 or fewer employees and net profits of $1 million or less Unpaid sick leave for the duration of the Quarantine Order 40 hours of unpaid leave 5-99 employees or net profits of more than $1 million 5 days paid leave then unpaid sick leave for the duration of the Quarantine Order 40 hours of paid leave 100+ employees 14 days paid…

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Cuomo Administration: Insurance Considered “Essential Business”

However, please be advised that the best practice is still for you to have as many people as possible work from remote locations. Also, per the ESDC, you still must maintain a clean and safe work environment as required by the New York State Health Department. ​Remote Working Resources For more Coronavirus resources, visit our resource page.​ Source

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