RT Binding 2024 Binding Authority Submission Excellence

​The continuation of the hard market is evident as both standard and E&S carriers face underwriting challenges contributing to a narrowing of business appetites and thus increasing shopping for retail agents and brokers. Effective submissions get you noticed and help achieve results that improve the insurance solutions you provide. RT Binding wants to help you help your clients with the below advice on what makes an excellent submission!General Submission Information Tell the story (below is a guide for information that may be helpful to provide during the submission process. More complex risks will likely require more information than straightforward risks.) Confirm admitted markets are not in playWhat is…

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Workers Comp Premium Assessment To Drop in 2024

​The New York State Workers Compensation Board announced that the state assessment rate on insurance premiums will decline to 9.2%​ next year. The new rate marks a drop from the 2023 rate of 9.8%.State law requires the board each year to set an assessment rate by November 1. The assessment, which applies to Workers Compensation insurance standard premiums (or premium equivalents for self-insured employers) funds the board's operations. The new assessment takes effect on January 1, 2024.Source

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Let’s Get Out There and Tell The World!

Let's get out there and tell the world!!Tell The World?? Ok, how about at least the next generation how awesome the Insurance Industry is....Over the next ten years, thousands of jobs will be available for the teens and young adults of today. We need to do a better job educating them about the wonderful career that we all know and love; too many kids (and adults too) only know about insurance by what they see on TV... the boring desk job selling insurance. In reality, there are SO MANY career paths in the insurance industry! We need to step up and show them about the other aspects of the…

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